The leader for forty years in the field of industrial centrifuges

Vertical and horizontal centrifuges, decanters, clarifiers or cleaners, concentrators or skimmers, separators or purifiers: Ghedini is the specialist in industrial centrifuges.

Since 1982 we recondition, guarantee, certify, sell, buy, rent, repair and maintain the centrifuges of the best brands on the market such as Alfa Laval, Pieralisi, Sharples-Pennwalt, Flottweg, Gea-Westphalia.

We have a highly technically prepared team with experience in the field gained over the years, who are always ready to demonstrate their reliably as an operational partner for the best Italian and international companies.

Ghedini Srl supports your business operations with a wide range of highly professional services: from the purchasing of used vehicles to the sale of a reconditioned or new machinery; from rental to maintenance; from repair and refurbishment to testing; from assistance service to emergency service and the sale of replacement parts. 

decanters and separators

For two generations, Ghedini has been the leader in the upkeep and maintenance of decanter centrifuges and separators for the main brands on the market.

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Used purchase

Ghedini guarantees you a value estimate and an accurate and competitive market price of your centrifuge for a secured sale within a short period of time.

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Reconditioned and new sale

Specialists in the sale of new and reconditioned decanter centrifuges, concentrators, separators and clarifiers. We provide consultancy and availability during the purchasing phase, to guide you towards the best solution for your company.

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Replacement parts

Ghedini Srl is your trusted supplier for replacement parts for industrial centrifuges: we guarantee you consistent safety, reliability and support.

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Ghedini offers you a safe, reliable and guaranteed medium- and long-term rental program by providing centrifuges for testing and separation trials at your site.

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Technical assistance

Since 1982, Ghedini has been offering an effective, rapid and decisive assistance and maintenance service for industrial centrifuges, thanks to its highly professional work and competitive prices.

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Laboratory test

Different separation tests at different speeds - Check the separation of your liquid with a centrifuge in an economic way - The result of this test will help us to identify the correct centrifuge for your process.

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Ghedini: the leader in the field of industrial centrifuges for forty years

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