Centrifuge rental

Are you looking for a medium to long-term rental service? Ghedini offers you a rental program with high quality and professional standards, which will provide you centrifuges for testing purposes and separation trials directly at your location. Thus, you can verify the operational effectiveness of machine separation and calmly and safety rent the centrifuge that best suits your business needs.

Experience and reliability at your service

Do you need to test the operational effectiveness of separation and actual flow rates with your product? Relying on Ghedini you can count on a safe, guaranteed and reliable rental service. In fact, you can affect a medium or long-term rental decanter and separator centrifuges of different makes and models.

For over forty years, the Ghedini team has been alongside companies offering them assistance and a continued presence throughout our collaboration, promptly responding to the varied and specific needs of each company.

The skills gained over many years of experience in the field and the numerous contacts with the principal national and international brands ensure you professional, punctual and honest service.

Centrifugal rental: safe, guaranteed, reliable

For two generations, Ghedini's specialists have been working in the field of industrial centrifuge sales and rentals and are at the service of over two hundred clients, located throughout Italy and abroad. Since 1982, Our company has been at the side of the largest Italian and foreign companies, in particular.

Ghedini Srl: specialists in the sale, assistance, maintenance and rental of industrial centrifuges from the best brands on the market.