Horizontal decanter centrifuges and vertical disc separators are used in a variety of processes and applications.

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The following are the main fields of application for horizontal decanter and vertical disc separators centrifuges


Separation technology is used in the processing, skimming and cleaning milk.

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Breweries use separators for the different stages of beer production.

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Industrial oils

Thanks to the centrifugal separation technique it is possible to treat waste oils, minerals, fuels and industrial lubricants.

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Oenology uses decanter centrifuges and separators during the various production phases of wine, must and sparkling wines.

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Animal fats and oils

The food industry uses the technology of decanter centrifuges and separators for the processing of animal fats and oils.

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Whether for industrial, biological or chemical sludge, the cost of disposal has continued to increase, making dehydration through decanter and separators centrifuges increasingly indispensable.

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Fruit juices

For the extraction and processing of fruit juices, decanter centrifuges and separators are used.

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Vegetable oils

Horizontal decanter centrifuges and vertical disc separators are used in the various stages of processing and production for vegetable oils produced from oilseeds or olives.

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Chemistry and pharmaceuticals

The chemical-pharmaceutical industry uses mechanical separation technology to process and obtain most synthetic pharmaceutical products.

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The naval and marine sector uses the most modern technologies that exploit centrifugal and separation force in various production processes.

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Recycling polymers

Centrifugal and separation technology is used in the recycling of polymers and plastic materials throughout the various recycling phases.

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Vegetable drinks

The food industry uses centrifuges and centrifugal separators to produce and process vegetable drinks that replace animal produced milks.

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Other liquids and applications

Centrifugal separators and decanters are used in various processes in specific industries, such as the harvesting and processing of algae or in precious metal processing.

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