Separator maintenance

One of the most important activities for companies that use centrifugal separators in the vital processes of production is following an adequate and correct maintenance plan for their machines. In particular, it is essential that these companies choose a competent, reliable, and transparent partner who can provide assistance programs and specific plans for machine maintenance.

Ghedini Srl, thanks to the collaboration of highly specialized technicians and to its considerable experience in the sector, has established itself as a leader in the upkeep and maintenance of centrifugal separators for the main brands on the market.

Ghedini: your partner with an international presence

There is a precise plan of upkeep and maintenance for solving and preventing annoying stoppages or problems related to the wear of machines. The entire staff of the Ghedini group is trained and updated regularly, which guarantees you a continued presence and assistance and will allow your machinery to continue functioning correctly. As such, your company can always count on optimal performance, efficiency and productivity.

A history of results and values

Collaborating with Ghedini means being able to rely on a sound company, with forty years of active experience in the field and which makes quality and customer satisfaction its core values. This means that we will not compromise on quality, choosing to rely on competent and qualified personnel.

Over 200 customers in Italy and worldwide have already chosen Ghedini

Reliability, responsibility, professionalism and quality: these are the key values that make Ghedini the Italian and European reference point for the maintenance of centrifugal separators for the best brands on the market.

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