Continuous centrifugal extractor with a horizontal axis auger is able to separate a solid phase from one or two liquid phases.

Since 1982 Ghedini Srl has been alongside companies, supporting them in various production and operational processes: we sell, buy, rent, install, repair, test and maintain decanter centrifuges for the best national and international brands.

Decanter centrifuges are indispensable in industrial production processes for many sectors: from the processing and refining of cooking oils and vegetable fats to the extraction and purification of wine, must and sparkling wine; from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to the ecological sector; from the separation of animal fats to the chemical recycling of polymers; from the processing of fruit juices and multiple vegetable drinks to that of algae and precious metals.

Solid particles that have a higher specific gravity than they do in their liquid phase go outwards forming a layer that will be extracted by the augers.

Unlike separators, decanter centrifuges can be used for processing substances with a high content of solid parts.

Here are the main types of decanters:

  • Two-phase decanter: this type of decanter is used to extract the solid particles suspended in a liquid
  • Three-phase decanter: this type of decanter is used to separate the solid particles from a light liquid and a heavier liquid

Decanter maintenance

Decanter centrifuges need careful and periodic maintenance to sustain efficient performance in various fields of application: Ghedini Srl is a reliable partner that, for forty years, has stood alongside companies that use these machines in their operational and production processes.

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Sale and spare parts decanter

We provide professionalism and competence also during the various phases of selecting and purchasing decanter centrifuges and replacement parts. You can rely on Ghedini, the specialist in industrial centrifuges with over 200 customers throughout Europe.

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Decanter gear boxes

Decanter rental

Would you like to rent a decanter centrifuge to carry out a preliminary test and examine the true effectiveness of separation, as well as the overall efficiency of the machinery within your production process?
Ghedini provides a safe, reliable and guaranteed rental service.

Decanter applications

Decanter centrifuges and separators employ separation technology that is used in many production processes and in various fields of application.

Industrial oils

Thanks to the centrifugal separation technique it is possible to treat waste oils, minerals, fuels and industrial lubricants.

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Oenology uses decanter centrifuges and separators during the various production phases of wine, must and sparkling wines.

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Animal fats and oils

The food industry uses the technology of decanter centrifuges and separators for the processing of animal fats and oils.

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Whether for industrial, biological or chemical sludge, the cost of disposal has continued to increase, making dehydration through decanter and separators centrifuges increasingly indispensable.

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Fruit juices

For the extraction and processing of fruit juices, decanter centrifuges and separators are used.

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Vegetable oils

Horizontal decanter centrifuges and vertical disc separators are used in the various stages of processing and production for vegetable oils produced from oilseeds or olives.

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Chemistry and pharmaceuticals

The chemical-pharmaceutical industry uses mechanical separation technology to process and obtain most synthetic pharmaceutical products.

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The naval and marine sector uses the most modern technologies that exploit centrifugal and separation force in various production processes.

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Recycling polymers

Centrifugal and separation technology is used in the recycling of polymers and plastic materials throughout the various recycling phases.

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Vegetable drinks

The food industry uses centrifuges and centrifugal separators to produce and process vegetable drinks that replace animal produced milks.

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Other liquids and applications

Centrifugal separators and decanters are used in various processes in specific industries, such as the harvesting and processing of algae or in precious metal processing.

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