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Ghedini Srl reconditions, guarantees, certifies, sells, buys, rents, repairs and provides maintenance for centrifuges of the best brands on the market 

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Horizontal axis continuous centrifugal extractos with an auger able to separate a solid phase from either one or two liquids.

Thanks to the decades of experience and technical preparation, Ghedini is the reference point for the sales, rental and repair services of decanter centrifuges for the most well-known brands on the market .

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Vertical axis continuous disc separators capable of separating solids from one or two liquids or separating two different liquids.

For two generations Ghedini has made available to companies its expertise and professionalism in the repair, certification, sale and rental of industrial centrifugal separators.

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Decanter centrifuges and separator employ separation technology that is used within a wide area of applications.


Separation technology is used in the processing, skimming and cleaning milk.


Breweries use separators for the different stages of beer production.

Industrial oils

Thanks to the centrifugal separation technique it is possible to treat waste oils, minerals, fuels and industrial lubricants.


Oenology uses decanter centrifuges and separators during the various production phases of wine, must and sparkling wines.

Animal fats and oils

The food industry uses the technology of decanter centrifuges and separators for the processing of animal fats and oils.


Whether for industrial, biological or chemical sludge, the cost of disposal has continued to increase, making dehydration through decanter and separators centrifuges increasingly indispensable.

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Ghedini: the leader in the field of industrial centrifuges for forty years

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Ghedini Srl sells, buys, rents, installs, reconditions, tests and takes care of the maintenance of centrifuges for the best brands at the national and international level.

Experience counts:
your partner for 40 years

From 1982 to today: 40 years of expertise and presence working with the most important companies in Italy and abroad. Ghedini has been able to evolve with the transformations of a continuously changing and developing market, becoming the reference point in the field of decanters centrifuges and separators.

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A team composed of experienced technicians whose training is continuously updated to follow new developments in the industry: Ghedini supports you with professionalism, specialization and constant availability throughout the period of collaboration.

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We are specialists in the sales, maintenance, installation, certification, rental, purchase and assistance of separators and decanters centrifuges. Ghedini: the leader in the field of industrial centrifuges for forty years.

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Since 1982 the company has maintained decanter centrifuges and separators from the main brands on the market.

An active and modern team with considerable professional experience in the field: highly specialized professionals and technicians, with continually updated training to guarantee uninterrupted operations thanks to targeted and effective handling of any nature.

Used purchases

Our experience, skills and network of contacts have been built over the years thanks to ethical and professional work. By relying on the Ghedini team, you will receive an evaluation and an estimate on your used products in order to submit them to our numerous national and international contacts where we can guarantee you a safe sale in a short period of time.

Replacement parts

Your intelligent choice to increase productivity and maximize the operational continuity of your work processes: Ghedini Srl is also the place to come for the replacement of spare parts for the main Italian and international brands. 


Are you looking for a medium to long-term rental service? Ghedini offers you a rental program with high quality and professional standards. This rental is safe, reliable and also guaranteed by the availability of product testing and separation trials at your premises. Ghedini guarantees it.

Technical assistance

Long-term storage of a decanter will guarantee the company will not have to interrupt, nor reduce to a minimum, the production processes. For two generations, Ghedini has been at the side of companies offing effective, rapid, and determined assistance services.

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