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Ghedini srl: an italian story, since 1982

Since 1982 Ghedini Srl has been a company specialized in the sale, purchase, installation, rental, repair, testing and maintenance of centrifuges for the best brands at the national and international level.

In its 40 years of activity, our company has followed and accompanied the evolution and natural transformation of the ever-changing market, of decanter centrifuges and separators. Ghedini has done so by establishing itself as a point of reference for its customers, proving to be – over time – a reliable and present partner.

Founded by Andrea Ghedini, still a continued daily presence within the company, Ghedini Srl has maintained a lean and familiar organization, establishing itself as an absolute specialist in the field of industrial centrifuges in Italy and abroad.

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Values, reliability and constant innovation

The family-run company has been able to combine values such as precision, reliability, availability and continual training with the ability to develop and evolve alongside the technologies and various changes that the market requires.


Complete professionalism

Since 1982 Ghedini Srl sells, buys, rents, installs, repairs, tests and maintains centrifuges for the best brands at national and international level.



The know-how gained across 40 years of work, a direct contact with clients and with brand referents, combined with a pool of professionals each experienced in their own sectors, has allowed the company to respond promptly to new challenges in a timely, effective and incisive manner.


Specific technical preparation

A team in step with the times whose strength derives from expertise gained in the field: we work with highly specialized professionals and technicians at your disposal, who are continually updated and trained, to guarantee you targeted and efficient service for your operations and productivity.



Experience cannot be improvised: Ghedini, for 40 years, has been selling guaranteed and certified reconditioned centrifuges, in accordance with current national legislation. Buy a machine that is safe from a legislative point of view, reliable and well performing: That’s the Ghedini guarantee.


Immediate emergency response

Production processes are fundamental in terms of operations and profits for any company. When a centrifuge presents a problem, an anomaly or a technical failure, it is important to act promptly and in a professional and efficient manner. Ghedini's experience makes the difference: an operational team will arrive directly on site for a check and prompt servicing.


made quote

A transparent, detailed and professional quote is the only way to make an informed choice. Whether it is a sale, purchase, rental or repair Ghedini assures you a detailed, transparent and meticulous itemized quote so that you can make your investment in peace and without any unpleasant surprises in the future. Your company is in good hands.

Ghedini today

For two generations, Ghedini Srl reconditiones, guarantees and certifies centrifuges for the best brands such as Alfa Laval, Pennwalt, Sharples, Flottweg, Pieralisi, and Gea Westfalia, establishing itself as a leader throughout Europe.

A team of professionals, for a different approach

The professional insights, artisanal expertise, and expert reliability, combined with the constant presence of referents and the dedication of a historic company, make Ghedini the centrifuge specialist recognized throughout Italy and abroad.


located across europe


Italian and international 


of experience in the sector

Why choose ghedini

Preparation, competence, professionalism form the helm which guides the company. Our historic presence in the field of maintenance, repair and care for industrial centrifuges makes Ghedini the ideal partner for those who care about their operations.

Relying on Ghedini Srl means relying on a company with solid professional and family roots and steady precise look towards innovation and the future.

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Ghedini: the leader in the field of industrial centrifuges for forty years

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