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Sale of centrifuges

Since 1982 Ghedini Srl has specialized in the sale of decanter centrifuges, separators, clarifiers, concentrators and much more. Forty years of experience in the field have given life to a sound company that understands the true needs of the customer. Our company has always worked to be a reference for companies that care about their operations.

For this reason, every member of our team considers themselves to be reliable partners in the sale of industrial centrifuges, continually assisting you throughout the buying and selling process and guiding you towards a smart purchase.

Ghedini Srl: the specialists of industrial centrifuges

Competence, experience, responsibility, and respect for work make Ghedini a sound company that has successfully gained the respect and trust of over two hundred customers in Italy and abroad.

The purchase of an industrial centrifuge is an important step for any company. Thanks to our selection of machines - with high performance and high efficiency - from the best brands on the market you will be sure to buy the best product in terms of performance, cost and efficiency.

Sale of centrifuges: rely on those who have put the customer first for forty years

When a company makes an important investment such as the purchase of a centrifuge, a separator or any other type of equipment, it is always an important, even critical period. This is why Ghedini believes itself to be your best choice of ally, since we are always present and available. You will receive assistance in the selection, installation and start-up of your centrifuge. Professionality, competence, transparency and dedication to work; these principals have always distinguished the Ghedini team.

In addition, you will be sure to receive a clear-cut quote, with detailed itemization and competitive pricing: at every step or important moment of your production, Ghedini is by your side.

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