Maintenance Decanter e Separators

Maintenance of decanters and separators

Any company that uses a decanter centrifuge or a vertical separator in its production process knows that for the upkeep and maintenance of these specific machines one has to be able to rely on a serious, competent and reliable company.

Ghedini has, for forty years, been an honest and professional partner that has established itself as the absolute leader in the field of industrial centrifuge maintenance and repair.

Decanter centrifuges and disc separtaors are machines that require careful and periodic maintenance.

Present, decisive, rapid

Since 1982, Ghedini Srl has dealt with the maintenance and reconditioning of horizontal and vertical centrifuges in order to guarantee their effectiveness over time.

Field experience has allowed our pool of expert technicians to ensure decisive and effective servicing for your machinery, as well as a constant presence during the various phases of centrifuge maintenance.

Maintenance of decanters and separators: Ghedini technicians at the service of your operations

Thanks to the high technical preparation which is continuously updated to remain in step with the latest technologies, the staff is able to guarantee punctual and decisive servicing both in terms of normal routine operations for your machinery, as well as in case of failures or technical anomalies.

Our specialized technicians personally follow every single operation for the maintenance and refurbishment of your machine.

Since 1982, Ghedini Srl,has specialized in the maintenance of decanter centrifuges and separators for the best national and international brands.

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