Centrifuge Maintenance

When entrusting someone with the maintenance and upkeep of your decanter centrifuge, you are placing one of the most important parts of your production process in the hands of an external company. In fact, it has become necessary enlist the aid of a serious and trustworthy company that has gained the experience over the years not only to guarantee decisive and effective servicing, but that is able to ensure a continuous presence during the different phases of upkeep and maintenance for a machine.

centrifuge maintenance: reliability, innovation and attention to the customer

Experience in the field, high-quality technical preparation and continuous training for the professionals who make up the Ghedini team have established the company across Italy and abroad. In fact, constant refresher courses allow all the experts in the work pool to always remain informed about the latest technologies, ensuring careful and effective servicing. In particular, specialized technicians personally follow all the maintenance and repair operations of a machine, such as the verification of part integrity, the reconditioning of augers and the balancing of the rotating parts.

Serving Italy’s largest companies

Fairness, honesty, and professionalism: this is the standard of Ghedini Srl which, since 1982, has been the reference point for the maintenance of decanter centrifuges for the best brands, both nationally and internationally.

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