Technical assistance

Assistance for industrial centrifuges

Owning and using a decanter centrifuge or separator that is properly maintained guarantees that your company will not be forced to stop nor minimize its production processes. For two generations Ghedini Srl has been alongside companies to offer an effective, rapid and resolution-focused assistance service.

Are you looking for a company specialized in the technical assistance of decanter and separator centrifuges from the most notable national and international brands?

For forty years, Ghedini has specialized in the sale, purchase, rental, repair, technical assistance, care and maintenance of industrial centrifuges.

Customer-centered: much more than an assistance service

Since 1982, the specialists of the Ghedini team have been working in the sector, quickly responding to the changing and varied needs of an evolving market.

By choosing a company with a long history in the field of industrial centrifuges you are guaranteed to be offered a quote for an honest and competitive price. In addition, you can rely on our trustworthy pool of experts and professionals for the evaluation and technical maintenance work. In this way, your production processes and your businesses do not have to worry about potential stoppages.

Assistance for industrial centrifuges

Our specialized technicians continually follow training courses in order to acquire all the knowledge necessary to face any problem and servicing need for specific machinery.

In case of failure or malfunction it is essential to conduct an operation on the machine in the shortest possible timeframe.. For this reason, our company also offers you a rapid emergency service. Additionally, in the case of necessity or unpleasant unforeseen circumstances, you can count on the rapid action of our operational team who will come directly at your headquarters. In this way, all the functions of the centrifuge will be restored in order to restart your operations as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to come across poorly prepared or makeshift professionals who offer services that are not adequate for the high standards that these machines require. The result? Annoying stoppages and unbudgeted costs that turn out to be enormously high. Choose Ghedini: your trusted ally for industrial centrifuge technical assistance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, sale, purchasing, rental and repair. 

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