Recycling polymers

Centrifugal technology for the recycling of polymers and plastics

The field of recycling polymers and plastics is of crucial importance if a company hopes to properly balance maximization of its resources while remaining attentive to the ecosystem.

Choosing one or more machines adapted to their recycling needs is an important step for companies who want to achieve high standards in terms of efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Environmental protection and recycling

Polymers, due to their chemical characteristics, must be treated according to specific rules if they are to be reused and put back into circulation. Companies require innovative, high-performance solutions. By choosing Ghedini as a loyal and competent partner during the selection and purchasing of centrifugal machinery for the treatment and recycling of specific polymers, you will receive advice and assistance in throughout our collaboration.

Professionalism and competence

The specialized technicians and professionals of the Ghedini group listen to your business needs and are ready to offer you the best solution in terms of economy, performance and efficiency, offering you new or guaranteed reconditioned machinery from the best brands on the market.

Ghedini is at your side during the consulting, installation, start-up, maintenance and assistance phase of centrifugal machinery for your business.

Ghedini Srl: professionalism, competence and innovation in the field of industrial centrifuges since 1982.

For each application its own tool

Decanter or Separator? What is needed.


Continuous centrifugal extractor with a horizontal axis auger is able to separate a solid phase from one or two liquid phases.


Vertical axis continuous disc separators are used to separate solids from one or two liquids and to separate two different liquids.

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