Pennwalt Ltd's SPS Vibroscreen is a circular unitized gyratory screening device. It is available with three component vibrating motion in all three planes, and is completely self-balancing with only one moving part. Viz. the drive motor with a double extended shaft, fitted at both ends with eccentric weights.

The vibroscreen is manufactured in "Seven" Models of sizes such as

  • 24 "Diameter
  • 30 "Diameter
  • 38 "Diameter
  • 48 "Diameter
  • 60 "Diameter
  • 72 "Diameter
  • 84 "Diameter

and can be assembled with varying number of decks depending upon application specific requirements. A special 7-Deck Vibroscreen is manufactured for CTC Black Tea Sorting. The vibroscreens have a high screening efficiency and can handle wet and dry screening applications within broad categories such as:

  • Dry separation on the basis of particle shape
  • Dry Classification on the basis of particle sizes into precise size fractions
  • Solid-Liquid Separation by dewatering of solids
  • Solids Classification of Sized Fractions in a liquid medium

Its unique features encompass Long Screen Life, Minimum Screen Blinding, Low Operating costs in terms of Power Consumption, High Capacity per square foot screening area and incorporation of anti-blinding arrangements such as Ball Trays, and/or Klean Rings underneath the screens which together with vertical component of the vibration alleviates screen blinding.  Applications include: Abrasive Solids, Ceramics, Ossein, Paints, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Detergent Powders, Polymers, Sand, Crushed Bones, Tea Grading, and many more.

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