What we do

What we do

Vertical and horizontal centrifuges. Decanter. Clarifiers or Cleaners. Concentrators or Skimmers. Separators or Purifiers. Of the best Italian and international brands. New and reconditioned. Ghedini Srl reconditions, guarantees and certifies the centrifuges of the best brands, thanks to the technical preparation and experience it has gained over the years, presenting itself as a reliable partner of the major Italian and international industries. It offers a complete range of activities: purchase of your used machine, reconditioned or new sale, rental and separation tests, installation, maintenance, refurbishment, testing as well as an effective emergency service and spare parts sales service. Available at any time to propose a quote for each job to be performed. 

Since 1982 reconditions decanters and centrifugal separators. 

For two generations it has offered its assistance to the best Italian and foreign companies. In short: if there is a centrifuge, the specialist is Ghedini.

Complete professionality

Ghedini sells, buys, rents, installs, repairs, trys out and maintains centrifuges of the best brands nationally and internationally. With the intuition of the professional, the skill of the craftsman and the reliability of the expert. 

Consolidated experience

The Ghedini family has been familiar with centrifuges for two generations: since 1982 it has put its expertise at the service of the most important companies in Italy and abroad.

Technical preparation

The Ghedini technicians have carried out specialized studies and specific courses and have acquired the fundamental experience for this job. 

Guaranteed reconditioning

Ghedini is able to guarantee the total reconditioning of the centrifuges, because its technicians personally follow all the operations to refurbish the machines. 

First AID

When a centrifuge has a problem, there is not a minute to lose. Ghedini knows the need for speed in the industries and is always able to send immediately an operational team on the spot.

Price quotation

For any service required, Ghedini technicians view the machines and offer a quote for each job requested.